I ♥ Love

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Pure Evil

Was after me. Wouldnt let me get away. Tried flying/floating away. There were cats…i caught one..a white kitten and I cut it open only to reveal that it was full of teeth…nothing but teeth and some thick saucy brownish blood and very little flesh…mostly teeth….kinda like the center of a cantaloupe.

*A Night Terror*

What the Entity?

When my so called BF was over before I kicked her out for always being a shady “b” as she likes to call herself “queen B” ..and for taking my bank card and taking 100$ staging some bullshit trying to make me look like an asshole, but how can I be the asshole when I’m the one always tending to her children & checking on them making sure doors and windows are locked, because they sleep walk and I know from experience about these things….while she sits on her phone the Whole Entire Time I’m ever with her or around her. Anyway, I know I was lying to myself about her involvement with some of these evil people/forces who like to set up the innocent by putting their evil doings on them (the innocent)…and I do mean Evil Vile Grotesque Child Abusing doings!

Lost Pin

I had found this at a thrift store here where I live. I could have sworn my son had gotten one just like this from ROTC. And it was lost…I believe some stuff may have been stolen from where they live (in another town). Anyway, I wore it one day because I missed him. Later that evening I fell asleep on my recliner and when I woke up in the morning it was gone..pin and the back latch. Only the chain and bar at bottom of chain were left on my person. I looked all over. Took things apart, flipped the recliner & swept the whole apartment but never found it. It’s a mystery.