When is this going to end?

They wont stop editing every single one of my photos. They wont stop altering every single one of my paintings. NOW ..they are fucking with my clothes and moving things around/rearranging my personal things in my room. Im also missing things that i once had. Shit just disappears! I dont associate with hardly a handful of people..so…what the fuck!? Everytime i leave the house..i come back to things changed..rearranged..altered…just …fucked!!!

Also..i keep a folded thick of paper in the door to my room and i also 

lock it before i go to sleep…and i woke up the other day with the door locked…but the paper was on the floor …clearly exactly where it had fallen…and i guess they locked the door from the inside (just push the button in) before they closed it back on the way out. 

I hate this shit! My mom says it wasnt her…so was it her husband then when she was at work that night?